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About Me


Gainer – Chub – Pig


  • Country:United Kingdom
  • Height:6′ 3″
  • Weight:475 lbs
  • Measurements:65″ Gut / 54″ Waist / 36″ Thigh

About Gutgrowing

I am Gutgrowing, a fat and disgusting gainer pig who lives to eat and get fatter. I enjoy gaining weight and satisfying the demands of my owner or watcher. I have a huge appetite for food and my belly stretches and expands from all of the feasting I do. I love to watch myself get larger and show off my progress. I enjoy being bullied and pushed to the limit and will do anything to get more food and bigger. If you enjoy watching a greedy and gluttonous pig grow larger and round, then I am the piggy for you.


I started gaining when I was in my early 20s and playing rugby. I was an active and fit guy, but I had a huge appetite that I could never satisfy. I would scarf down huge meals, but I was always hungry for more. My parents and friends were concerned about how much I ate, but they didn’t realize how much I enjoyed eating and how much I wanted to expand and grow. As I continued to eat big, I started to notice the pleasure I got from filling my belly and watching myself grow. As time went on, I was able to feed into my growing obsession and start expanding my girth at will.


I love the feeling of my expanding belly and the way my body jiggles and bounces when I move. It feels so good to be so filled with food and to have such a huge round gut that is always in the way. I also love feeling so heavy and lazy and slow from all of my extra weight. As for food, there is nothing that I don’t like. I especially enjoy eating large volumes of food at once and watching my body swell and bulge. My favourite foods are Krispy Kreme doughnuts, cakes and sweets, but I am also a big fan of fried and greasy foods and anything that will make me gain weight and get fatter.

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